Betting Pool for Wednesday's time

I know you should never go first... but I'll place my bet first for the time Hans and Yuji do on their next run.

2:38 - you heard it here first.

I see it like this

- between the first and the second run: shaved 80 mins
- between second and third: shaved 40 mins

On that progression, they should save 20 mins. But on the first two runs they weren't fully going for the record, all out, so you would expect to shave some serious time. Sunday was pretty all out madness with 50-100 people in the meadow hooting and hollering, so I take away another 10 minutes and one for safety - nine minutes off.

I would wager my reputation, but that's not worth anything, so I'm betting Hans and Yuji's reputations. Hey, I'm even going to bet Royal Robbins and Tom Frost's reputations on this number.