Solid TaylorMade R9 SuperMax Irons

[url=]TaylorMade R9 SuperMax Irons[/url] might be the most effective feel irons I've ever hit. I originally literally Mizuno Mx-20's for a long time until I decided to acquire a new group of Irons. I personally met a Japanese distributor online who was selling okazaki, japan Version of this club. The main difference between U.S and Japan will be the the manufacturing. Okazaki, japan head is forged by way of a popular Japanese company (Endo) that offers a softer head than the Chinese Manufacturing company for your U.S head. I've hit both and US version has great feel but the Japan version has exceptional feel. Both miss hits and solid shots provide excellent feed back. Standard lofts in this club provide less distance then irons available today on the other hand strengthen the loft to true-up with my Mizuno's and I have no difficulties with distance. Cosmetically, this iron is neat and gives confidence when addressing the ball. An advanced low to mid handicapper this iron is made for you.
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