taylormade r11

The Hackers Paradise recently got some requests to review fairway woods as some of our readers were having a tough time finding information on them. [url=http://www.golffordiscount.com/]discount golf clubs[/url] seem to get all the coverage and like we found out in our last fairway wood review, not all fairway woods act like their [url=http://www.golffordiscount.com/taylormade-r11-driver_p14238.html]taylormade r11[/url] counterparts. Last year was a perfect example of this, we did not care for the R7 driver at all, but the 3 wood was one of our favorites of the year. Last week we did a thorough testing of the [url=http://www.golffordiscount.com/taylormade-r11-irons-49-psa_p14299.html]taylormade r11 irons[/url] and came away extremely impressed. We will not go over a ton of the technical specs in this review as we covered most of them in the driver profile just last week. We were anxious to get this one out to the range and were able to assemble a few testers the first day the [url=http://www.golffordiscount.com/left-handed-taylormade-r11-irons-49-psa_p14308.html]Left Handed Taylormade R11 Irons[/url] arrived. On this day we had four golfers ready and eager to take some hacks with this new toy. All of the players other than me played the R7 3 wood and were eager to check this one out.
Each golfer warmed up with their [url=http://www.golffordiscount.com/left-handed-taylormade-burner-20-irons-49-psa_p14309.html]Left Handed TaylorMade Burner 2.0[/url] for 15 minutes or so and one by one we hit the R9 3 wood.[url=http://www.golffordiscount.com/left-handed-taylormade-burner-superfast-20-driver_p14311.html]Left Handed TaylorMade Burner SuperFast 2.0[/url] We all started with the head in the neutral position, and each one of us tinkered with it until we felt as though it was in the proper position for our swing.[url=http://www.golffordiscount.com/left-handed-taylormade-r11-driver_p14749.html]Left Handed Taylormade R11 driver[/url] First, with 8 positions all of us were able to find the spot we thought was perfect for us. ishiner .