My Impression on Ping G15 Driver

Ping G15 Driver is produced, and this is a good news for golf players. Because they are waiting for the releasing of G15 Driver. In the aspect of looks, the head of Ping G15 Driver is finished in a dark color that is very subtle and does not distract you at address or during your swing. In terms of feel, this is an area this driver stands above the rest in my opinion. The face feels good almost anywhere you hit it, which is a major factor for the average golfer that does not get to play enough to strike it on a dime.

For me, I highly recommend this driver. By using it, my normal driving distance is around 250 yards, which isnt bad for a 50 year old. This driver is hot, it's a hot face and very straight. Needless to say I recently bought this driver and couldnt be happier. If you are looking for a driver to work the ball alot this might not be the one for you but if you like pretty straight long shots (who doesnt) try this one out. 10 handicap, I own the 9 degree regular flex. This club is everything it is advertised to be, so you can try it. You will not regret doing it.

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