You Will Love Tour Preferred CB Irons

The TaylorMade Tour Preferred CB Irons are the latest and greatest from one of the top names in golf. After I used this iron, I love it. And I decided to keep it in my bag. Of course, I believe that you also will love the irons. Because it is suit for everyone. And it has many advanced technologies. For excample, its face also features TaylorMade's Inverted Cone Technology, which varies the thickness of the face itself so shots that are slightly mis-hit create nearly the same ball speed as shots hit in the sweet spot. And a carbon composite badge on the back of the face helps to dampen the impact sound and further enhance feel. So you can gain the advantages from it.

In my own part, it is a great iron. Great distance and super straight, can also work ball when desired. Switched from game improvement burner irons, accuracy and distance control improved immediatly. I would recommend these for players with scratch to +10 handicaps. The irons provoke spin on approach shots and they give you the ability to go for the pin. These clubs cause you to hit the ball higher. I was looking for that. Overall, the best clubs I have ever had. They look great and the sound of the ball coming off the face is crisp and solid. I am impressed so far and very happy I bought these TaylorMade Tour Preferred Forged CB Irons. If you try this one, I think you will love it.

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