19 Aluminum fluorocarbon coating technology

Aluminum fluorocarbon coating technology is primarily used in the construction industry, first in 1964 by the American ELfAfochem company pioneered the fluorocarbon refers to polyvinylidene fluoride resin, accounting for more than 70% resin paint composition, referred to KYNAR500. Since 1965 manufacturing KYNAR500 resin, the world has many magnificent buildings of the aluminum / aluminum are used for surface treatment of the resin, including some well-known buildings, such as in the United States Atlanta TajMahal, Philadelphia Mell Bank Centre, Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, etc., the honeycomb core has been proven resistant to acid rain, air pollutants, ultraviolet and extreme cold extreme heat temperatures, while it still has an excellent ability to prevent accumulation of dirt, so favored.

Since the fluorocarbon coating has been used in the construction industry, building on the establishment of the corresponding coating authorization system, and use of fluorocarbon paint purchase, suppliers must pass stringent testing standards, including technology and equipment; its fluorocarbon coating of aluminum product quality to to the U.S. Aluminum Association AAMA605.2 fluorocarbon spray coating product performance standards.

In other countries, the 1940s first used in industrial electrostatic spraying, 1950 appeared the first rotating basin electrostatic spray gun, which for the first time the efficiency of the coating may be increased to 95%, paint in the history of the world a major breakthrough in the way of painting the earliest manual electrostatic spray method, then the market demand increases, after a horizontal spray methods (including electrostatic spray guns and electrostatic spinning cup of development) and the vertical ? spraying methods.

(2) Development of domestic

In the late 1990s, fluorocarbon and fluorocarbon coating aluminum veneer began in China started building aluminum ,92-96 years ,97-2003 for the initial period of rapid development period of years, continues today. The spray method is mainly horizontal automatic spraying, fluorocarbon coating process since the beginning of the application of mature in China, as foreign VOC emissions and production costs, competitive pressure drop factor, foreign fluorocarbon production gradually shifted production to China and procurement, to accelerate China's aluminum production capacity has been a quantum leap, the increase in production capacity also led some companies find ways to improve production efficiency. ? way to start spraying when the vertical from the U.S. into China, but mostly because of China's fluorocarbon coating for the silver aluminum paint, and ? depends mainly on the paint spray atomizer through the disc by centrifugal atomization and then the role of electrostatic field adsorbed to the surface coating, fluorocarbon coating surface coating of metallic and brightness less than the horizontal electrostatic spray gun, spray and artificial recharge difficult. So that means not vigorously promoting coating applications.

Until the current vertical electrostatic spraying aluminum fluorocarbon emergence of new technology, the domestic auto-painting system developed breakthrough has been made to fill the domestic blank. In 2009, with Germany (Guangzhou) Machinery Co., Ltd. research and development of the vertical row of automatic spray gun set production line put into the application system, ending more than two modes of coating defects, changed its production process, improve production efficiency and coating quality installation, painting rate is also no need to manually fill spray of great significance.

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September 2009, with Germany (Guangzhou) Machinery Co., Ltd. Foshan Caine assumed vertical profiles Profiles Co., Ltd. U.S. auto paint spraying production line construction, the project is a vertical row of guns automatic electrostatic coating system in the coating industry profiles in the first application. The project after PPG, VALSPAR Mother's laboratory in the United sprayed three times before and after comparison test, reflects a good value product line in use.

The project aims to complete this project in aluminum vertical electrostatic spray coating equipment used in automatic fluorocarbon spraying on vertical aluminum new technology research and development.