TaylorMade R9 Fairway Wood changed my game

TaylorMade is an undisputed industry leader in golf equipment, offering a complete product line with innovative design and technology-based product for golfers of all skill levels. And it has produced the TaylorMade R9 Fairway Wood. It features a compact new classic clubhead with Inverted Cone and FCT Technology for ultimate fairway wood performance. The FCT Flight Control Technology allow for the adjustability of face angle, lie angle and loft lie to affect side-to-side ball flight, and Inverted Cone Technology is designed to produce fast ball speeds and long distance even on off center hits. It's very nice.

For me, it changed my game, that is to say, it has improved my game. I can get more distance and accuracy. And I enjoy the feel of playing it. Now, I can get the nice results. Great shots are produced from this club. These are some of the best fairway woods I have ever hit! I love being able to adjust the face. The day I got them, I had the opportunity to play and could not believe how well they performed! Best buy I have made all year. These are perfect fairway woods because the heads and shafts can be adjusted for your game. Try this.

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