Ping K15 Driver has great performance?

Ping has been consideres as the best golf manufacture. So its products are very popular among golfers. Ping K15 Driver has been released not long ago. The performance is very important for every golfer. Does the Ping K15 Driver have great performance? Yeah! Its performance is very excellent. The Ping K15 Series were released for golf players who simply want to cream the ball as far and as straight as possible. So by using the K15 Driver, you can gain what you want.

I have used the driver, So I think it has nice performance. With this club I can't even slice it. It goes straight and sometimes even has a nice draw. I'm the last person that would expect my swing to produce a draw but it does with this club. I hit 1 ball 255 dead straight, and two more 245 with a slight draw now. My driver swing is horrid, and I have a hard time hitting the sweet spot. If you hit the sweet spot with this club, you will be amazed. The sound is awesome. Only improvement would be a different shaft as there is not much feedback with the ping tfc. All in all though, you buy this club and you will not be disappointed.

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