How long will it take YOU to climb The Nose of El Cap?
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How many pitches have you climbed in Yosemite? 
How many pitches have led in Yosemite? 
Have you climbed The Nose before?: 
How long did it take you?  put days, hours, and minutes if you know them all.
How many pitches have you led on The Nose?  maximum 32 per Supertopo
How many pull ups can you do in one hanging?
How fast can you run a mile?       minutes:seconds
What grade Trad route have you led?  for ease of formatting put "9" for 5.9 or "11" for 5.11 
What is your jugging experience? 
What is your partner's ability? 
# of years climbing:
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tell us BRIEFLY your partner's trad grade, years experience or fill out the form again inserting their info then comment below that you're both going together : limit 50 characters
anything else you think would educate us on our guess: limit 50 characters
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See all the folks that I know of who have done NIAD.
 Beta on the Bivy in Yosemite.