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1 1979? John Bachar m First NIAD with HD warm down
2 1999 Heather Baer f Super Bandaloop dancer, crazy about Steve Schneider
3 1990 Dave Bengsten m YMS head man, done tons of El Cap routes,
4 1993 Rossano Boscarino m First Peurto Rican
5 2003 Scott Bovard m SF Bay Area guy.
6   Roger Bown m
7 1985? Mary Braun f First woman
8 1979? Werner Braun m Yosemite Local, YOSAR, just one cool dude.
9 1975 Jim Bridwell m First NIAD
10 2003 Katie Brown f previous national climbing champion
11 1994? Tommy Caldwell m fastest free ascent
12 2003 Mark Cartier m Portland OR guy
13 1989 Mike Carville m Tahoe area guy, directed Painted Spider.
14   Doug Chabot m
15   Chip Chase m
16 2002 Scott Cory m Youngest
17 1994 Peter Coward m has done HD and EC IAD
18 1982? Peter Croft m First NIAD with HD warm down
19 2000? Micah Dash m Yosemite local, taking it around the world
20 2000? Nils Davis m fast and free guy
21 1994? Ben Ditto m last seen in SLC, one cool cat
22 1989? Doug Englekirk m Cal guy, dad, great free climber
23 1992 Nancy Feagin f First all women team
24 2005 Rich Fettke m "jumper", bodybuilder, fitness guru, coach, speaker
25 1990 Hans Florine m Fastest ascent, most ascents (55)
26   Mark Gain m
27   Rolando Garibotti m 1991
28 2004 John Georgevits m Mass guy, Dad, super fit
29 1988? Steve  Gerberding m most variety of EC ascents
30 1993? Wolfgang Gullich m First NIAD, NO ascenders.
31 2000 Jimmy Haden m has done the HD/EC linkup
32 1993? Chandlee Harrell m SF Bay guy, dad, tall, very strong
33 1993? Jim Herson m Record holder once, current holder of HD RNWF
34 2005 Dan Herz m first bigwall, SF Guy
35 1993 Lynn Hill f Fastest Free Ascent
36 1999 Yuji Hirayama m Fastest ascent
37 2001? Leo Holding m Brit with wit, rad granite free climber
38 1999 Grant Horner m Humble yet fast, professor
39 1999 Alard Hufner m First South African
40 1999 Bill James m
41   Tom Karpeichik m
42 1995 Lawrence LaBianca m Artiist in SF Bay Area, climbed with Russ McBride
43 1997? Bill Levanthal m So Cal guy
44 2000 Sean Leary m has done the HD/EC linkup
45 1975 John Long m First NIAD
46 1995 Russ McBride m climbed El Cap and half dome in a day ( easy routes)
47 1992 Sue McDevitt f First all women team
48   Tom McMillian m Has summited Everest!
49 1996? Chris McNamara m Best keeper of topo updates on the route
50 2000? Ammon McNeely m done tons of routes on El Cap, an expert!
51 1995? Mark Melvin m has done Hd and EC IAD
52   Rob Miller m
53 1980? John Middendorf m First one to published NIAD beta
54 1989? Greg Murphy m oldest NIAD team 86
55 1994 Chad Nichols m Sf guy
56   Jared Ogden m has done Hd and EC IAD
57 2000 Timmy Oneill m has done HD and EC IAD
58   Mike Pennings m fast no matter where he goes in the world
59 2000 Dean Potter m Has held the record twice
60 1991 Andres Puhvel m Santa Cruz cat.
61 2000 Beth  Rodden f Second women to free climb the route
62   Erik Roed m fast on every route he gets on
63 1991 Aishan Rupp m
64   Tim Schneider m
65 1986? Steve Schneider m First solo NIAD
66 2001 Vera  Schulte-Pelkum f Fastest all women team
67 1984? Dave Shultz m has held record time twice
68   Justen Sjong m has done Hd and EC IAD
69 1989 Bill Sinoff m Tahoe guy
70 2000? Jason Singer m he can play a mean sewing machine.
71 2003 Stein Skaar m first bigwall SF Bay guy
72   Jake Slaney m first bigwall climb, from south east guy
73   Rob Slater m On sight in under 7 hours
74   Jason Smith m
75 2003 Sean Stitt m National course setter
76   Steve Swenson m
77   Don Synder m
78 1992? Joe Terravechia m has done Hd and EC IAD
79 1993 Kevin Thaw m Brit/US guy
80 1994 Adam Wainwright m darn fast usually with Rolo
81 1996 Abby Watkins f Australian/US/Canadian 2nd fastest women's time
82 2004 Hiedi Wertz m Fastest all women team
83 1975 Billy Westbay m First NIAD
84 1998 Vera  Wong f 2nd fastest women's time. Australian
85 2002 Bill Wright m Wrote the book on Speed Climbing
86 2005 Bob Yoho m oldest combined, 92 years
87 2003 Tomasto ? m Japanese guy
88   Norbert ? m First NIAD, NO ascenders.
89   Jody ? m first bigwal climb
90   Martin ? m German guy
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