Royal Arches and Snake Dike Linkup (2003)

Brian Biega climbed Snake Dike and Royal Arches back to back in six and half hours! Here are his splits:
Total Time: 6hrs 30min 4sec
The times in the list below are Section/Total Time

  • 39.58.23/39.58.23 Car-Top of Vernal (Car parked at road closure/day use parking)
  • 1.08.57/1.48.56 Top of Vernal-Base of Climb
  • 56.37.80/2.45.33 Base of Climb-Summit
  • 14.04.87/2.59.38 Summit-Bottom of Stairs (This is where you can go skiiers left to the reg. route or right back to lost lake)
  • 24.22.96/3.24.07 Bottom of Stairs-Lost Lake (I guess this section took much longer than I remember, oh well)
  • 25.42.48/3.49.44 Lost Lake-Top of Vernal
  • 22.23.16/4.12.07 Top of Vernal-Car *CTC 4.12.07 Snake Dike Only
  • 15.50.92/4.27.58 Drive-Rest (15.50.92 time of only resting, drinking & driving, etc. (drink more water, drop pack, change socks, etc.))
  • 50.48.59/5.18.46 Car-Top of Arches (Car/Awahnahee)
  • 1.11.17/6.30.04 Top of Arches-Car *CTC,  Drive, CTC 6.30.04 both routes total time

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