Regular Northwest Face on Halfdome record (Oct 1999)

Samo samo. Jim Herson arrives the night before, and we argue over the gear and such for more hours than the climbing on the route takes. Late night arrivals at my house made me think Jim was up again all night.

We left the stables at 8:15 am, arrived at the base at 10:15. A party hauling the first pitch immediately says "Hey you guys can climb through if you want," so we had a nice start. We passed another party without incident around the 7th pitch. We dispatched with the first four pitches 11 minutes faster than our previous "multi shoe joy ride". Next benchmark was the base of the chimneys, which we reached in 49 minutes, a cool 17 minutes faster than our MSJR. Big Sandy came up after 1 hr 15 minutes had elapsed and Jim yanked me to the top from there in 38 minutes.

Total time elapsed: 1 hour 53 mins, and 25 seconds.

Jim lead the whole thing. He only replenished his rack once at the Robbins bolt ladder. We must have been asked 6 times how fast we climbed the route from tourists. This was a delight for Jim as he was quite lambasted the first time he topped out and people were calling him crazy, etc.. We even sandwiched a female for a tourist sappy shot. ( no, Anne we only hugged for the shot) Now I gotta get Jim to drag me up Mescalito in under 10 hours.