The new PING G20 Driver

The new PING G20 Driver is - golf clubs for sale the latest driver made by Callaway with Forged Composite technology. - ping g20 driver This new material gave engineers the freedom to position weight,exactly where needed for maximized distance, accuracy, and workability. With the RAZR Hawk Driver, there are no tradeoffs. It’s golf’s first uncompromised driver. It is the Medal driver. - cheap ping g20 fairway woods

Forged Composite is the result of a unique partnership between the R&D teams of Callaway and supercar maker Lamborghini; this revolutionary new material is one-third the density of titanium, - ping g20 irons yet features a greater load carrying capacity per unit mass in bending. Forged Composite is lighter, stronger than titanium. The sole and crown of the RAZR Hawk Driver contains more than 23 million turbostratic carbon fibers that reinforce 67% of the clubhead. This allowed engineers to precisely control thickness like never before, - ping g20 hybrid Set resulting in a clubhead that's lighter, stronger than titanium but still has an extremely high moment of inertia. The lighter clubhead enables a longer club configuration for faster head speed, ball speed and greater distance without compromising forgiveness.