Dan Howitt 2010 Official Alpine Speed Records

Dan Howitt 2010 Official Alpine Speed Records

Photos, timer information, interview with timers, timer statements. Dan Howitt of Oregon still holds the true official speed records of Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adams, Mt. Hood, and Mt. Shasta.

Dan Howitt actually is the first person in history to set truly Official speed records on Mt. Rainier, Mt. Shasta, Mt. Adams, and Mt. Hood.

Howitt hired timing-officals for each mountain. Oregon Peak Adventures for Mt. Hood (Joe Whittington and John Waller). Adams Mountaineering Incorporated for Mt. Adams (Sergeant William Smith). Shasta Mountain Guides for Mt. Shasta (Ned Bair and Jonathan Earl). Climb Max Mountaineering and Ft. Lewis Army Rangers for Mt. Rainier (Brogan Adams and Carl Poland).

Dan Howitt’s start and summit photos are the only such photos for any speed record of Rainier, Hood, Adams, Shasta. None of the past record-claimers for all of the mountains has summit photos. Nor photos taken by 3rd party witnesses. Jim Whittaker (Everest legend) set the 1st ever Rainier official speed record with 5:20 up and 7:20 roundtrip. Dan beat his ascent time with just over 5 hours to the summit.

Some webpages I found

Howitt’s official times. Done in one summer.

1:56 ascent Mt. Hood from Timberline Lodge-Summit
2:58 ascent of Mt. Hood from Government Camp-Summit (start from Huckleberry Inn at Govt Camp Loop Road.
4:47 ascent-descent of Mt. Hood from Govt Camp-Summit-Govt Camp
4:14 ascent of Mt. Shasta from Northgate Trailhead to Summit via Hotlum Bolam Ridge and Gawry Direct Variation above 13,000?.
2:39 ascent of Mt. Adams on South Spur Route
5:08 ascent of Mt. Rainier on the Disappointment Cleaver Route