Jacqueline Florine

She climbed the Nose Route on El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, California . By her self, in June 2002. - the first woman solo of the Nose!  - Jacqueline also soloed Lurking Fear May 29th to June 1st.

She started Monday June 17th.  The updates as we got em are below.

                looking up 2950 ft THE START!

She started!     5:50 am on the 17th.   She cranked out the first three technical pitches in about one hour and 47 minutes a piece!  I figure shell be sleeping tonight in the stove legs or on Dolt tower.   RATS!   I took shots of Jacqueline on the first three pitches put forgot my patch cable to pull the shots from my camera to my computer!    -Youll have to use your imagination.   I head up tomorrow to shoot her so Im unsure if Ill get the site updated for a few days. Hans

This is a link to a 739kb picture of Jacqueline at the base. This is a link to a 418kb picture of Jacqueline starting up Pine Line.

  - base of first pitch.

First night bivy!  Top of  pitch 8! Hanging in her hammock.

Second night bivy!  El Cap Tower,- pitch 14 and she fixed to top of Texas Flake!  Got great video of  Jacki in the chimney.

  - looking up at the scary Texas flake chimney.   Link to 470kb shot of J on top of flake.

Third night bivy! Camp 4 pitch 20. fixed to great roof.

Fourth night bivy.  Camp 6- pitch 26. fixed pitch 27!

Topped out at 1:33pm on fifth day!  Yahoo! more pictures to come.....

reunited with Marianna!

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See Jacqueline's Multi Media show about her ascent.