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Hans Florine has traveled/climbed in: Europe, South East Asia, South America, Africa, India, Australia, and all over North America. He's been to both the remote desperate Alpine areas as well as the comfy "car camping, hotel hanging - sport climbing and hiking areas". He's amazing at pushing your limits and/or cruising to the pace you want to experience the world at. Do day excursions from a five star hotel or "grunge it" for 7 days out of a tent.

 Hans recomends Mountain Adventure Seminars for an adventure in the diverse and beautiful climbing areas in the Sierras, including Lover's Leap, Calaveras Dome, the Incredible Hulk, and other areas. 

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Hans has done a bunch of trail running / power hiking , as well as climbing in areas around the world. How about a running/hiking vacation?


Kid's camps! Hans has two friends/associates that are California University Certified teachers, Lisa Coleman and Andres Puhvel. They offer one of the only weekend rock-climbing trips for teens to the sierras available out of the Bay Area. Lisa has extensive Outward bound skills from teaching there as well as the Santa Cruz school system. Andy has taught in Pacific Edge Climbing gym as well as in the Santa Cruz school system. Their web site FYosBasecamp


To Email Hans about different adventure possibilities he can take you on, just click here: .
References available upon request.

 Hans was a WooFR, ( Wilderness First Responder)Wilderness Medicine

  All international excursions can expect to pay guide(s) expenses plus $700+- per day while in climbing/guiding environment. (fee is for one on one, add $300 for each additional person) THIS IS A ROUGH RULE OF THUMB.   Bigwall guiding is $1500 per person per day.

(Hans can NOT legally guide in Yosemite. check here instead: guiding).

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