What is, or has, Hans been up to?
A list of things done in reverse chronological order,( A blog effectively). 
Did you know that  Hans has authored a book, two audio programs, and other stuff ?

February 2009 I spoke to the Wounded Warriors in San Antonio TX.

November 2008 I spoke in Poland.

October 2008 Yuji and I broke The Nose Record again. Now it's 2:37:05

September 2008 Yuji and I won "Lifeclimb Achievement Awards" at the Ogden climbing film festival.

Yuji and I broke The Nose Record! Now it's 2:43:33

I'm giving a LIVE Webinar on January 29th 2008.

Check out my adventures from my GARMIN Forerunner 305! www.hansflorine.motionbased.com  and at: http://speedclimb.blogspot.com/

November 21st 2006 I signed a deal with a great NY agent to represent me with my mainstream book tentatively called "Speed Is Power."

November 14 and 16, I rappelled and vertically "danced around" with Project Bandaloop in shopping mall in Cleveland and Chicago to draw attention to a new afordable health care product called Belay!

November I started working for FedEx to get stories for my book. I also started leading Climbing training classes Monday evenings at Touchstone Concord.

October 26th I ran a 5k fun run in 22:49.

October 19th I've been working on my Yosemite home the past few weeks.  YOU and your friends can now stary there, nightly, weekly, or if your lucky, - LONGER. Hans's Basecamp

October 15th I finished producing my "Speed is Power" audio program. It's available for download here: http://hansflorine.com/shop/

October 3rd I climbed The Nose for my 63rd time. It took us 20:27 which is a record long NIAD ascent for me. 

September 23rd I set the short and long course speed records on the pinnacale in the Seattle REI flagship store.

September 17th I won my category at the 25th annual Pocatello Pump! A super cool event where I got to ascend 29 routes. the pump

August  28th and 29th I ascended Mt Kenya  with Erik Weihenmayer and Charlie Mace. It was the first Blind Ascent of the mountain. picture I also climbed Pt Peter in 1:54 rndtrp from the Shipton hut.
mt kenya

July 10th to the 15th I joined my wife to help her climb all the CAL 14ers in a push.   http://jacquelineflorine.com/14ers/  and her blog: :  http://leteton.blogspot.com/  

July 4th I climbed the first five pitches of the Muir with Tommy Caldwell. Tommy calls it the "Muir Blast".

June 26th, 2006 I agreed to climb El Cap four days after the summer solstice. The weather/heat-gods shined or didn't shine upon us. Tico, Wayne, and I started climbing at 6:20 pm up the Nose route.(felt like high 70s) After 5 pitches in the light we turned on the headlamps and climbed through the whole night and on until 4:20 pm the next day. By the time the sun WOULD HAVE hit us in the upper dihedrals the clouds had blocked the sun out! Stunning that we had a June ascent of the Nose with no direct sunlight hitting us. We only took one gallon of water per person, plus about 2 liters of sparkling water. Wayne Willoughby contracted Polio when he was 9 months old in 1952. Dr. Salk's Polio vaccine was not approved by the FDA until 1954. In 1958 Wayne was in Yosemite valley when Whitmore, Mary, and Harding were on the first ascent of The Nose. Wayne was recovering from one of many surgeries to deal with the many muscle and bone problems brought on by the Polio, at that time Wayne said that he would climb El Capitan some day. Wayne has Climbed El Capitan 13 times in the last fifteen years. Albeit the climbing up the face is extremely arduous work for Wayne, imagine that it normally takes two hours to descend off El Cap, while it took Wayne eight and half hours to return to the valley floor after topping out this last ascent. Wayne has to use poles on the descent, but that's only some spots where he's not on all fours crawling over terrain that most folks walk down. - darn inspirational! Wayne hadn't slept for 40 + hours during the whole adventure.

June 5th, 2006 I climbed Lurking Fear with Craig DeMartino in 14 hours. Craig lost the lower third of his right leg in a climbing accident some four years ago. This might be the first "one day amputee ascent of El Capitan!"

May 23rd I lifted 60 tons in under 4 hours. I did the Throwing Steel Challenge. I'm on day 123 of 100 sit-ups a day.

May 19th, created a new audio on how to climb the Free Blast.

May 18th 2006, I lifted 59.5 tons today! - my personal best during a "Throwing Steel workout".  I am on day 114 of doing 100 sit-ups every day.

May 4th, 2006, I finished doing 100 sit-ups and Jumping Jacks, every day for 100 days.

April 29th, Last night I participated in the Touchstone roped competition at Mission Cliffs. I took 5th place! I also had a hold spin under my foot  before the first clip on my last climb. - I fell on Eric from Mill Valley. - we think he sprained his thumb. Today is day 95 on my way to 100 straight days of 100 situps and 100 jumping jacks. I'm available for guiding through MAS on the 1200 ft granite Calaveras Dome!

April 15th and 17th, I climbed in Red Rocks NV. Want to climb with me in Red Rocks October 19th to 23rd 2006? I have guiding days reserved during that time, lock in a day with me soon.

April 5th 2006, I've lifted 250 tons so far this year, aiming for 1000 by year end. I'm on day 71 of situps and Jumping jacks. been prospecting for presentations at universities. Did my first outside mud training run this past weekend. looking at doing the 14ers with my wife in July.

March 21st 2006, I've put in 50 hours a week for five weeks of "desk work" for a CPA  doing Tax prep. Nothing like lack of regular exercise to make you HUNGRY for it. (on day 56 of my 100 sit-ups and JJs for 100 days)

Febraury 11th 2006, Working out in a gym in down town NY. On day 19 of my 100 days of sit-ups and JJs. Ran many stairwell laps today. put up new voting polls on Spdclimb and Fitnessrank.com .

February 2006, going to NY to climb in Times Square with Project Bandaloop.  studying for Tax preparer certification. Training in the gym. Recording full CD for "Speed Is Power" audio program.

January 2006, Turned multimedia product into a download. Did a weight room challenge called "Throwing Steel".  Managed 80 days of 100 situps and jumping jacks a day. Started over,- looking for 100 straight days.

December 2005, Benched 225 lbs, created an audio and multimedia product for climbing The Nose.

 November 2005 worked on bench press, visited Texas.

October 2005 Received a standing ovation for a keynote address at the AORE National convention in Buffalo NY.

Climbed to Dolt with Felix Slamovics, a person with ALS.

Passed the Wilderness First Responder course October 23rd. look forward to teaching YOU all out there on Sierra granite through MAS.

Climbed the Nose for my 59th and 60th time September 19th and 21st, 2005.  join the list!

Climbed 50 pitches in a day by himself, in Yosemite.

Climbed The Nose in half a day by himself.

40 days of Birthday challenges

Hiked/climbed 14 of the Cal 14ers in 3.5 days.

Climbed the Nose real fast with Yuji Hirayama.

Climbed Half Dome and El Cap by himself almost in a day.

Hiked/climbed all the Cal 14ers with Tony Ralph and Russ McBride.

My audio program.
hans's head
Hans inspires people.