thursday August 4th 2005

I soloed all of this except notes included.

6:47 am left car, LC

Climbed bishop's terrace, CTC 11:57   returned to Car,RC, 6:59 am

7:30 am LC

Climbed Royal Arches, CTC 1:09:52    RC 8:39 am ( hung on rope at 5.9++ pitch)

8:56 am LC ,

Climbed Church Bowl Lie Back,  CTC 9:36, RC 9:05 am

9:19 am  LC

Climbed Commitment, and Mungenela, CTC 46:50  RC 10:05am

10:25 am LC

Climbed after 7 variation, after 6, and Nut Cracker Direct start, CTC 1:27:20  RC 11:52  ( recieved belay on first pitch of After 6 so that I could put a top rope up for friends who happen to be there in need)

12:04  pm  LC

Swim, lay on beach, do 100 sit-ups, 10 pushups, CTC  one hour,   RC 13:04

13:25   LC

Climbed East Buttress of Middle Cathedral, CTC 1:02:50  RC 14:27

Seven Hours and forty minutes for 50 pitches! And 100 sit-ups.

31 pitches I climbed in my NIKE ACG Cindercones.