Russ McBride and Hans Florine going for the record on the 14ers in California.

UPDATE: Hans had to drop out, but will be making his own attempt in mid-September

See for details.

Map of the California Fourteeners
Adapted from the map of the 14ers by John Kirk

See below for updates and progress reports.

Hans and Russ plan to start off by nailing all the fourteeners in the Palisade group, followed by White Mountain, the Whitney region and the Williamson region. Finally they'll make the long drive up to Mount Shasta for the finale. That's an insane effort involving:

They want to achieve this in less than four days, 11 hours. For a complete list of peaks in the proposed order of ascent, along with notes on the ascent once the even is under way, see the table below.


 Russ wears lite stuff thanks to GoLite Designs GoLite Designs

 Russ uses Go2Altitude hypoxic training systems Go2Altitude


10 August 2003,  4:00: Russ nearly goes hypothermic trying to bivy at 13,000 ft while waiting for daylight to assist his search for the approach ridge to Tyndal.  Russ heads down without record.

August9 August 2003, 23:00: Russ has summited: Langley, Muir, Whitney, and Russel and is in the dark looking for the ridge up to Tyndal.

8 August 2003, 17:00: Russ has summited White Mountain and is heading for Langley

8 August 2003, 07:31: Russ is one his way down and estimates that he is two hours from the car . Are you tired yet Russ?

7 August 2003, 23:47: Russ has made it to the top of Split Mountain. This means he has done seven California fourteeners in the same day, the first time that's ever been done. Way to go Russ!

7 August 2003, 14:56: Russ has topped out on Middle Palisade and the day is only about half over (he's been going for about 13 hours). He made it from the top of Mount Sill to the top of Middle Palisade in 4½ hours.

7 August 2003, 10:56: Only three and half hours after topping out on Thunderbolt, Russ has completed four more fourteeners. It took him 3½ hours from Thunderbolt to Sill, a personal record for Russ.

7 August 2003, 07:26: Russ has topped out on Thunderbolt Peak after getting a bit lost in the dark and going up the wrong couloir. The mistake was almost resulted in a 1000-foot ride with a half-ton boulder he knocked down, but everything is okay.

7 August 2003, 01:26: Bang! Russ is off in the dark. By this time tomorrow, he hopes to have climbed all peaks in the Palisades group.

6 August 2003: Due to illness, Hans has had to postpone his adventure until September. If all goes well, Russ will blast off tomorrow as planned.


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Peak Group Summit


Start   Postponed until September for Hans  00:00:00 Russ is set to blast. Due to illness, Hans is going to have to postpone until September
Leaving the car/van South lake   1:26  August 7th 00:00:00   Dark start, Go Russ Go!
Thunderbolt Peak Palisades   7:26  Aug 7th   00:06:00   nearly rode a 1000 lb boulder down wrong gully
Starlight Peak Palisades   8:38  (guessing)   00:07:12  
North Palisade Palisades   9:11  (guessing)   00:07:45   33 minutes between Starlight and NP, "new beta"?
Polemonium Peak Palisades   10:01  (guessing)   00:08:35  
Mount Sill Palisades   10:56  Aug 7th   00:09:30   3 hours and 30 minutes TB to Sill! record time for Russ.
Middle Palisade Palisades   14:26   00:13:00 palisades peaks in 8 hours! cool.
Split Mountain Palisades   23:47  Aug 7th!   00:22:21 COOL!  first time seven Cal 14ers done in a day!
White Mountain White Mountain   14:55 Aug 8th, (guessing)    01:13:29 4 hours Car to car time 
Mount Langeley Mount Whitney      03:07:21   these times on Langeley to Russel are guesses
Mount Muir Mount Whitney      03:12:21   Russ took a wrong turn going from Langeley to Muir, Ouch,
Mount Whitney Mount Whitney      03:13:21  
Mount Russel Mount Whitney      03:13:21   Russ bivied at the base of Tyndal, Late on the 9th or early on the 10th..??
Mount Williamson Mount Williamson   Not doing this one...    xxxxx  

Mount Tyndal

Mount Williamson   Whack!    03:13:21 Report came in at 14:15 on Sunday that Russ knew he was 12 ahead of record-breaking pace but dangerously hypothermic so the attempt is over.
Mount Shasta Mount Shasta not done!  Ouch.     Russ is safely out and sleeping in the car late afternoon on the 9th.  END


Russ while NOT pushing himself on the 14ers.

Current record holder.   Russ on his 1998 adventure.   Hans on his 2001 attempt. Josh's old record.